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Rimblades Pro are manufactured as a pre-formed size specific ring. Pro’s are a product designed principally as a rim protector and offer our highest level of alloy protection. They can also be used as colour trim ring styling upgrade. They offer the highest amount of wheel protection against small road debris (flying gravel chips, for example), potholes and parking impact.


Rimblades Pro are made from a rigid PVC of 100A shore hardness. They are formed into a pre sized ring, whilst the plastic is still hot and the two ends slot into a joining clip.

Rimblades Pro diamond cut alloy wheel protectors are factory fitted with a genuine 3M GPH (General Purpose High Temperature) VHB (Very High Bond) tape with a red tape liner with the 3M logo in white.


Rimblades Pro due to the rigid nature of the material and flat mounting surface do not conform to different wheel designs like Rimblades Light & Rimblades Ultra. They are designed for modern flat faced and diamond cut wheels only and require a flat mounting surface 7mm in width in good condition.


Available in 4 colours

Sizes 17”, 18”, 19” & 20”


Rimblades Pro are shipped in a box measuring 78 x 78 x 2 cm